Our range of UNITRAMP trampolines are suitable for schools, leisure centre, trampoline clubs and trampoline competitions. Trampolines come with standard rollerstands, however, models are available with our lift/lower rollerstands which enable any trampoline to pass through a standard size door when folded. All trampolines are delivered fully assembled ready for use. We also have a range of mini tramps for schools and sports centre use.


This advice is directed at curricular/extracurricular school trampolining which could include where appropriate rotational 360-degree feet to feet movement (basic somersaulting). For high bouncers, additional provision is required in line with British Gymnastics recommendations for club training.

THE USE OF END DECKS AND MATTING: The use of end decks and mat surrounds is inter-related to the new spotting code of practice. afPE strongly recommends the use of end decks, particularly where staff wish to develop rotational feet to feet 360-degree movement. British Gymnastics Risk Assessment (Feb 2007) concluded: “falls arising from performers projecting from the sides of trampolines were relatively rare and that much greater risk arose from performers projecting from the ends”. Matting should be used down the sides of trampolines offering protection to a width of 2m and 20-25mm thickness. It is acceptable for trampolines to be placed side to side or end to end provided the intervening metalwork and springs are suitably protected.

SPOTTERS: With the provision of end decks and mat surrounds spotting is no longer seen as essential. Injuries to spotters in the past have contributed towards this thinking. However, providing spotters have been suitably trained and are physically capable they can operate as an additional line of defence. Using pupils in this way can add to their sense of responsibility and involvement. There should be no more than two spotters down each side of the trampoline.

In response to this Universal Services now manufacture the correct size mats for the side and ends of trampolines as per these guidelines. For regional, club and national competitions, further matting is required.