Trampoline Service

Annual Inspection of Trampolines, Mini Tramps and Spotting Decks

What this will include but not limited to:

Fully open and erect trampoline to ensure trampoline/mini tramp operates correctly.

Leg Sections
Inspect for cracked welds and check for wear on hinge bushes, lubricate if required.

Side Rails
Inspect for cracked welds, check for wear on roller stand bosses, leg bosses and anchor loops, check compression bushes are present and tighten.

End Rails
Inspect for straightness, check for wear at hinges to ensure end rails are parallel with floor or slightly tilting upwards, check for cracked welds, check wear on spigot pins, tighten Allen screws to spigot pins, check for wear on anchor loops.

Inspect for broken hinge pins, check hinge pins are secure, re-rivet hinge to secure if loose.

Leg Braces
Inspect for cracked welds, check for fit into leg section, and adjust if necessary.

Inspect for cracked welds, check for wear, tighten allen screws.

Inspect for cracked welds, check for wear on top pin, check stands are not bent, hooks are in place and not bent, check castors rotating freely, tighten castors if required, check for worn wheels and free rotation, lubricate if required.

Chains & Adjusters
Adjust to correct tension, ensure lock nuts are tight, and ensure ā€˜Dā€™ shackles are tight.

Springs/ Cables
Check all springs/cables are present, check for rupture /breakage.

Check anchor bars are not broken or cracked, check bed for cuts, wear, worn or broken stitching.

Frame Pads
Check that all frame pads are fitted, check that the correct type are fitted, check for tears, holes, detached straps or clips, tighten straps to re-fit properly if loose.


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