What’s involved in creating our timber products in-house?

Here at Universal Services, we manufacture plenty of popular sports equipment, including basketball goals, badminton posts and our famed indoor climbing frames.

To add a different dimension to our portfolio, we also produce the majority of our timber products ourselves, including best-sellers like cricket creels, vaulting boxes, and PE benches for schools.

Here, we’ve outlined the various processes involved in the manufacturing of these wooden products.

We use all kinds of timber, and the exact material will depend on the item that’s being created. You can rest assured, however, that all the timber used is FSC certified, which means it has been sourced from responsibly managed forests and meets the highest environmental standards.

Step 1:

The different sections of timber are taken out of the storage rack and cut to the correct length and size. Then, using a six cutter, the timber is finished on all four sides, whilst simultaneously forming any radiuses or chamfers to suit the product’s requirements.  

Step 2:

Numerous components like bench feet, vaulting box sides and cricket creel ends are put in the appropriate jig prior to processing on a CNC machine. This equipment selects the appropriate cutting tools that we will need to form the different profiles and shapes required for the build, resulting in an accurately shaped component.

CNC Machine

Completed Components

Completed Components

Step 3:

The completed CNC sections are then sanded through a speed sander which completes both a course and fine sanding of flat surfaces in one single operation.

Step 4:

The various sized PE benches and vaulting boxes are put together and checked over by our staff.

Vault Assembly

Vault Assembly

Bench Assembly

Step 5:

The completed products are lacquered in our wetback spray bay, ready for final assembly. These are wrapped and put into storage, ready to be despatched as and when orders come in.  



Final Assembly

Final Assembly

Vault Wrapped & Stored

Benches Boxed Up

A great deal of care goes into the manufacturing of our timber products to ensure every item provides the professional finish and high performance our clients have come to expect from us. It’s the only way we can guarantee a quality result, every time. For more information on the products mentioned here, or to learn more about our in-house manufacturing methods, please contact the Universal Services team directly.

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  Published on 18 June 2024 By Andreas Fantousi


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