Your guide to buying indoor cricket nets for your sports hall

We are often approached by customers who are looking to enhance their sports hall with single, double, or multiple indoor cricket lanes. 

If you’re searching for these products, chances are you have lots of questions regarding the best products to purchase, the benefits of different types of setups, and what it will take to get your nets ready for use. 

We’ve put together a list of things you need to consider when purchasing indoor cricket nets here. 

First thing’s first – why should you purchase indoor cricket netting from Universal Services? 

All our cricket nets are tailored according to the height of your premises – and you can rely on us to design, supply, and install all the equipment you need to create an institutional standard indoor cricket lanes at your premises. 

Our products have also been developed to comply with ECB TS3 guidelines where possible, which outline the recommendations for the construction, preparation, and maintenance of this type of equipment. Buy from us, for a bespoke, high performing cricket net installation that will meet your every need!

Further product specifications

Our cricket trackway is manufactured from heavy gauge aluminium, providing an incredibly hard wearing system that can incorporate crossovers and curves, all hung from bespoke bracketry, giving a great deal of flexibility to your sports hall design. 

The netting is manufactured from 50mm knot to knot 2mm thick, white, twisted polypropylene, alternatively it can be 40mm knotless 2mm thick, white polypropylene, both with salvaged edges all round and a bound leading edge. We recommend side and back sightscreens to stiffen side netting, create a visual division between the batsman and aid in sighting of the ball. Screens should be fitted with lanyard cords to prevent the nets from stretching. We would also recommend that a bowlers end net with a minimum 3m high sight screen is installed to aid sighting of ball and increase safety. All netting, sight screens and bags should be flame retardant treated to BS 5867 part 2. Our storage bags allow for the nets to be stored away safely when they’re not in use. 

Please click the diagram below to see a PDF of a typical double cricket bay with bowlers end net below. 

What are the benefits of investing in cricket nets?

Indoor cricket nets enable all-year-round practice for both bowlers and batsmen

Cricket practice nets enable amateurs and professionals to hone their batting and bowling skills in a safe, secure environment, away from the unpredictable extremes of our British weather.

Forget chasing a runaway ball across the pitch – these nets help to prevent players from wasting time, resulting in much more efficient training sessions for batsmen and bowlers alike. 

They allow people of all ages and abilities to enjoy cricket safely

Both younger and older players, or those with mobility issues, don’t need to worry about retrieving the ball; balls can be returned quickly and safely, allowing your users to simply focus on improving their technique. 

They can help you generate an additional income 

During evenings and winter months, you can let your indoor cricket bays to local cricket clubs who may not otherwise have the facilities to support year-round practice. 

You may be able to receive funding from the ECB or Sport England

Grant aid and development funding is available from both professional bodies for eligible applicants. More information on the ECB’s County Grants Fund can be found here. To find the right fund from Sport England, click here.

Things to consider when choosing indoor cricket nets



As well as ensuring there’s enough space in your venue, you’ll also need to ensure that the hall has adequate lighting and is appropriately heated.


Adequate height in hall

Your sports hall will need to be high enough to accommodate your netting to meet ECB guidelines. We typically supply nets that have a clear height of 7.5m to 9.1m. Bespoke setups are available on request, however these may not meet ECB guidelines. 

Suitable flooring

You may need a specialist floor or cricket mats that enhance the playing experience by delivering surfaces that are both consistent and the aid bowler. Our roll-out indoor mats are made from a high-density 100% polypropylene fibres. They also boast a flexible yet durable backing made from slip-resistant grey rubber.

Other sports provisions in hall

What other equipment is already installed close to your cricket netting? Does this impact on where the nets can be installed to achieve clear safe distances to other equipment? What equipment is in this space will determine the size and type of netting that’s suitable for your facility. 

Storage of the nets and other ancillary equipment

Where will you store your new indoor cricket equipment when it’s not in use? You should have the provision to place the nets in storage pouches on walls and mats and other equipment on trollies to facilitate ease of transportation to a safe location. 

Payback on your investment

You want to make sure you get the best possible return on investment from your installation. The key question is, how much use do you expect to get from your cricket nets? Is training for the sport in high demand in your local area – not just in the winter months, but throughout the year? If demand is likely to be low (at least while you’re establishing a reputation for your facilities, or while cricket is still in season), you could consider hiring your cricket lanes out to local clubs. 

Make sure you source your indoor cricket nets from a reputable provider

We’d love to take care of your cricket net installation – but if you’re keen to compare quotes from other providers, make sure you investigate their credentials. Ask for references and talk to the company’s past customers to ensure they were satisfied with their results. 

It’s also much easier to work with a company that can handle your installation from start to finish. As previously mentioned, the team here at Universal Services can manage all aspects of your fit-out and will consult with you at every stage of the process to ensure full transparency and minimal disruption. Contact us now to get further advice on purchasing indoor cricket nets and bespoke quotes for your project.

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  Published on 17 November 2022 By Andreas Fantousi


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