Improve your poolside experience

Universal Services supplies a handy collection of swimming equipment and accessories to help our customers not only meet their poolside health and safety obligations, but deliver a fun, educational and all-round enjoyable experience for their users.

So, if you’re searching for ways to improve your swimming provision and introduce new opportunities for learning at your facility, there’s no need to look any further than our range!

Here’s our top 5 poolside products:

Pool starting blocks

As a swimming instructor or the manager of a pool facility, you want to help your guests perform at their best. And swimmers can certainly start as they mean to go on with these strong, durable platforms, which are mounted at one end of the pool. Our standard starting blocks come with a backstroke bar and a glass-reinforced-plastic top, and are supplied complete with a non-slip surface to prevent accidents.

Racing lanes

Prevent free-for-alls with long-lasting racing lanes that have been carefully manufactured to suit your swimmers’ needs.

Our Anti Wave Midi Racing Lines are the most popular choice for commercial or educational pools; with their smaller 110m disc and anti-wave tensioner technology, these lane dividers are effective solutions that won’t buckle under pressure or fray after use.

Our Anti Wave Maxi Racing Lines offer a slightly larger diameter of 150mm, increasing its buoyancy in the water, leading to fantastic water dissipation in turbulent waters caused by competitive swimming. Both products are manufactured from UV stabilised high density polyethylene for an excellent performance and can be supplied in all manner of colours to suit club and international requirements.

As you can imagine, clearing these lines away and stashing them when they’re not in use can be difficult without the help of a storage reel. Thankfully, we’ve got a robust version that holds up to six 25m midi lanes or four 25m maxi lanes.

Observation chairs

Regardless of whether you’re monitoring newbies or seasoned swimmers, it’s important to keep a watchful eye over everyone who’s enjoying your pool. You can only do so from a height, as the extra elevation will give you a clear view of what’s going on underneath the surface of the water. Enter our observation chairs, which are constructed from hardy stainless steel yet manufactured with a plastic seat, platform, and treads for extra comfort. The rubber feet also make it easy to manoeuvre the chair around the pool and place it in any position necessary.


They’re a staple of the swimming space, and no pool is complete without a varied set of flexibeams (which are sometimes referred to as woggles or noodles). These colourful, flexible, and highly versatile products make the perfect swimming aids for beginners who are just leaving their arm bands behind. Alternatively, they can be used in aqua aerobics classes to create more resistance underwater and encourage tricker movements as part of the workout.

Other pool games are also available. Our customers love our dive rings, sticks and bricks, and our mini water basketball goals and water volleyball nets will transform standard pools into super-competitive sports arenas.

Pool extraction boards

While it’s important that your users have a great time in the pool, their safety should always be paramount. 

Every swimming facility should have a pool extraction board that can be used to move a casualty out of the water in the event of an emergency. Our pool extraction boards have been designed and developed in partnership with the Royal Life Saving Society UK, so you can be sure they are supportive and buoyant in equal measure. These boards are always supplied with wall brackets and a comprehensive user manual, so you’ll never be in any doubt about how to deploy it. We also stock a broader range of life-saving pool equipment, which includes lifebuoys and foam rescue torpedos. 

Visit our Poolside section for even more swimming solutions that have been extensively vetted and tested by our team.  

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  Published on 07 March 2024 By Andreas Fantousi


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