10 effective yet low-cost sports accessories for your school

There is a time and a place for large-scale sports equipment installations in schools, particularly if the existing apparatus is years or even decades old. But sometimes, a series of smaller purchases can make a big difference to your students’ facilities.

If you want to update your sports hall but are working with a limited budget, consider investing in any of the below accessories to provide users with new and exciting activities to try.

Timber PE benches

They are a staple of any PE setup – and timber benches are perhaps some of the most versatile items in our entire range. Ideal for helping students improve their balancing skills, these products can also double up as seating for school assemblies. The PE benches from Universal Services are available in three different lengths: 6’ for infants, 8’9” for juniors, and 11’ for secondary schools.

Individual nesting tables

There’s no need to buy a whole set of agility nesting tables if you need to replace a broken item or add a couple more sizes to your school’s selection. We stock single tables starting from under £100 each (not including VAT). Their padded tops ensure a comfortable experience for all users, and their lightweight construction means they are easy for staff and students to move around the hall.


Encourage your students to aim that little bit higher with our robust springboards, which will add a new dimension to gymnastics training at secondary school level. Our SPR/002/STD and SPR/003/STD models include microporous rubber layers for extra elasticity.

Bridging apparatus

Allow your students to get as creative as they like with linking and bridging equipment that’s excellent value for money. From peg ladders to poles, balance beams to parallel bars, there are plenty of configurations in our collection to suit any environment and any budget.

Wheelaway badminton posts

Turn any hall into a temporary badminton court with our steel wheelaway badminton posts. Their carefully designed non-marking wheels will keep your floors free from scuffs and scratches, and their detachable construction means these products are strong enough to withstand prolonged use yet can be collapsed and stored with ease.

Netball posts

Want to begin offering netball at your facility, but concerned about space? There’s no need to invest in socketed netball posts when we have plenty of freestanding and wheelaway versions available. Our standard netball posts come with a 16mm regulation ring. Replacement nets are available, along with post padding to keep students safe during play. 

Rollaway tables

Table tennis is a fun yet surprisingly challenging sport that can help develop speed, agility, and strength in your students. Our rollaway match tables come with height adjusters on all four legs, so the playing surface can be adjusted to ensure it is completely level. Every set can be folded back into itself for simple storage.

Cricket stumps

Cricket stumps are an essential part of the game, and we have a couple of different options to help you bring your training experience up a notch. Choose from rubber base stumps or spring return cricket stumps manufactured from steel or timber. 


Placing the correct matting around your sports equipment won’t just help you meet health and safety regulations – it will provide your students with safe extra space to explore. We have an excellent selection of matting, including deluxe chipfoam mats, gymnastic mats, judo mats, inflatable air tumble tracks, and ultra-absorbent mattresses.

Mat storage trolleys 

It’s never a glamorous job, but all equipment needs to be dismantled and stored away safely at the end of every session. Pack up quickly and with minimal fuss with the help of our robust mat trolleys. We even stock specialist trolleys for cricket mats.

For more low cost, high impact PE equipment ideas, speak to our sales team.


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