Sports Hall Wall & Floor Padding

Sports hall padding plays a crucial role in promoting safety within sports facilities, serving as a protective barrier to prevent accidents and minimize the risk of head injuries from impact.

We manufacture and install various padding solutions across the UK, and our dedicated installation team handles all aspects of design and installation. Our services encompass a wide spectrum of padding requirements, including walls, floors, doors, columns, posts, and poles, with options available in a range of stock PVC colors.

Our expert team ensures the installation of safety padding, making sharp or hazardous corners safe to prevent potential injuries. 

Furthermore, we offer the added benefit of printing names and logos onto the covers at no additional cost, allowing for personalised touches.

Our standard wall pads are versatile and tailored for various settings, such as dojos, sports halls, control and restraint rooms, and beyond.

We have also supplied and installed trampoline rebound therapy rooms including supplying of the trampoline.

Key features of our Standard Wall Pads include:

  1. Lightweight, Shock-Absorbing Foam Core: Designed to absorb impact effectively, ensuring safety in diverse environments.

  2. Bonded, Heavy-Duty, FR PVC Cover: A durable covering that offers long-lasting protection and fire resistance.

  3. Wide Range of Sizes and Thicknesses: Choose from a variety of dimensions to suit your specific needs.

  4. Wide Range of Colors: Customise your wall pads to match your facility's aesthetics or safety requirements.

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