Carpet Floor Tiles

This carpet tile serves as a highly effective safeguard for the flooring of your sports halls or gymnasiums, affording robust protection against various forms of wear, including impacts, staining, and the wear and tear of chair legs. As a result, these protective measures render your sports facility adaptable for a wide range of events, encompassing concerts, exhibitions, and forums.

  • Available in Black, Dark Grey or Grey – Add colour in notes at checkout
  • 2m x 1m Tiles
  • Thermal insulation
  • Better acoustics: noise absorption
  • Quick installation: 4 people lay 800 m² in less than one hour
  • Easy maintenance (suction or water jet)

Additional attributes of this carpet tile solution comprise:

  1. Comprehensive Floor Protection: Demonstrating its proficiency in guarding sports floors against diverse forms of damage, such as shocks and stains.

  2. Innovative White Backing: A unique feature within the market, the white backing of the tiles prevents any unsightly "black" marks from forming on the sports floor.

  3. Self-Laying Tiles: Offering the advantage of adhesive-free installation, ensuring the absence of any adhesive residue on the sports floor.

  4. Straightforward Installation: The process is characterized by simplicity and ease, necessitating no specialized technicians.

  5. Efficient Installation: Four individuals can lay down an area of 800 square meters in less than one hour, facilitating rapid implementation.

  6. Enhanced Acoustic Performance: These tiles excel in noise absorption, contributing to improved acoustics within the sports facility.

  7. Thermal Insulation: Noteworthy thermal insulation properties that contribute to temperature control.

  8. Convenient Maintenance: Cleaning and upkeep are straightforward, involving either vacuuming or the use of a water jet.

  9. Aesthetic Flexibility: Possibility to define distinct color zones, create corridors, and achieve intricate patchwork effects, enhancing the overall aesthetics.

  10. Efficient Storage and Transportation: Facilitated by the specially designed trolley, enabling storage of up to 300 square meters or 150 tiles in a compact space, thereby simplifying transportation logistics.

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