Get ready for rugby season!

With only a couple of months before the start of the next rugby season, now could be the right time to update your existing facilities.

Investing in new or additional rugby equipment will ensure your end users have access to everything they need to train and play with confidence when the sport comes back into focus in September.

Here’s a quick rundown of the key rugby equipment available from Universal Services, along with some additional information on how to create an appropriate rugby training or playing facility.

What do you need for the right rugby setup?

Rugby posts

We manufacture rugby posts in both steel and aluminium. We also offer a range of hinged products for easier assembly of the post.


Heavy duty steel rugby posts are ideal for those that are budget conscious. We stock junior posts that are 7.3m (24’) high, manufactured using 2mm steel throughout, and supplied in a two-piece upright format. Alternatively, our senior posts are 10m (35’) high. Both products are powder coated in white for an attractive finish and come with ground sockets.


For a more lightweight alternative, choose aluminium rugby posts. These easier-to-handle products are more rust resistant, making them perfect for schools, colleges, universities, sports centres, and other venues that are looking to invest in longer-lasting options.

Uprights are supplied in sections to make our aluminium posts easier to transport and store; the posts are also designed to drop directly into their sockets with stainless steel bolts. Please see the product page for more information on these products’ heights and dimensions.

Hinged rugby posts

Socketed posts are commonplace, but if you’re concerned about handling heavy posts safely, you may want to consider hinged posts instead.

Hinged rugby posts can be erected and dismantled quickly and easily with an assembly roller using adaptors with high tensile bolts. The assembly roller is designed to be mounted onto a small tractor using two heavy duty "U" bolt brackets.

We offer both steel and aluminium versions. You can also convert your current posts into hinged posts with specialist rugby post adaptors. Please note that your existing posts will require tailoring to achieve the correct crossbar height. 

Installation instructions

When setting up your rugby posts onsite, the top edge of the crossbar should be 3m from the ground, and each post should be more than 3.4m high in total (generally, the higher the better, as long as your pitch allows enough space). Rugby Union and Rugby League rules state that posts should be set 5.6m apart.

We recommend that the lower 2m of each post is padded in order to prevent injuries.

You should always ensure that at least two people are present when posts are being raised or lowered.

If you require help installing your new rugby posts on site, our sales team will be more than happy to provide the information required.

Rugby scoreboards

No rugby pitch or training centre is complete without a scoreboard.

We offer a couple of different options, including our popular made-to-order AD scoreboard, which enables you to include moving messages on the screen, as well as the option to programme in team names.

The display includes a score from 0 to 99 and a timer in red LED digits.

All scoreboards are fully weatherproof.

Installation instructions

Rugby scoreboards can be installed on flat surfaces at either or both ends of the pitch. The brackets used during installation will help to create a good volume of air flow between the scoreboard and the surface you’re fixing it to, which will reduce dampness and the build-up of condensation.

We understand that it’s impossible to avoid the effects of wet and windy weather here in Britain, but if you can, try to install your scoreboard in a sheltered location. To prevent excessive wear, be sure to store your scoreboard somewhere dry when the sport is out of season.

Our scoreboards are designed to provide an LED digit height of 25cm, which means the messaging can be viewed from a distance of up to 120m.

All scoreboards from Universal Services come with full installation guides, along with instructions on how to operate the display from the control console.

Rugby accessories

From match and trainer rugby balls to flags, corner poles, post protection pads, rugby tackle bags, rucking shields, and kicking tees, we offer plenty of game accessories to complete your setup. Our rugby scrum machine and kiwi style scrum sled will be excellent additions to your facility if you’re keen to take your rugby training capabilities to the next level.

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  Published on 28 June 2023 By Andreas Fantousi


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