Complete your indoor cricket setup with quality matting from Flicx Pitch

Lightweight, easy to transport, and manufactured using the highest quality materials for complete comfort and security, the indoor cricket mats from Flicx Pitch remain a firm favourite amongst our customers here at Universal Services.

Traditionally, indoor cricket matting can become wavy and worn very quickly. Many players and their coaches have also reported back to us that some products just aren’t a good enough substitute for the ‘real thing’; typical indoor mats create a different line and length for bowlers who struggle to control the added pace and bounce of the ball on harder floors. But a solution is needed, otherwise there is low to no bounce at all.

Enter the The 2G Flicx Pitch!

What makes this product so impressive?

This high-performance pitch delivers a consistent surface that enables a true, consistent bounce with excellent pace and carry. The 2G tile used within its construction is soft yet full of grip, making it ideal for indoor training all year round and suitable for players of all ages and abilities.

This versatile product is a particularly cost-effective solution for multi-purpose sports centres. Coaches and supervisors can use the same pitch outdoors during the summer to create additional cricket wickets, upgrade their cricket nets, or take the pressure off the main square by rolling the Flicx mat over the top.

These roll down cricket mats can be laid by one person in a matter of minutes; there’s no specialist training required. Each 2G Flicx Pitch comes with a free transport trolley for fuss-free portability and storage. And because the products can be stored upright on their end, each roll will take up less than 50cm squared in your storeroom.

How do 2G Flicx Pitch indoor cricket mats perform on different types of floors?


Synthetic or vinyl flooring

The 2G Flicx Pitch works well on most synthetic sports hall floors, including the vinyl surfaces that are popular in schools and leisure centres.


Concrete based floors

Here, the bounce is generally higher and quite firm. The 2G Flicx Pitch will provide a more realistic surface to train on. If the bounce is too high, it can be reduced by rolling a shockpad underneath the 2G Flicx Pitch.


 Indoor carpets

Many cricket academies or indoor centres install a synthetic carpet over their whole training area. Using a 2G Flicx Pitch over the top of these surfaces will give you great performance and the frequent application is to upgrade worn carpets or make a more identifiable pitch with crease and / or skills markings.


Wooden sprung floors

The bounce can be varied due to the many methods of construction of wooden sprung floors, but generally the performance is suitable for both hard and soft ball cricket.


Our team can organise a demonstration at your venue with Flicx if you would like to test the bounce ahead of purchase.

What have other clubs got to say about the 2G Flicx Pitch mat?

“Flicx have created an indoor cricket mat truer than any other mat we have played on. Favouring neither batsmen nor bowlers, this is an excellent piece of kit which will help youngsters develop their cricket and adults hone their skills – highly recommended for any club”

Southwold CC

“At our local sports hall we tried to use hard balls on a fibre mat laid on their sprung wooden floor, but it wasn’t successful as the ball didn’t bounce at all – it simply died on the surface. Our new 2G Flicx mat dealt successfully with this problem. The bounce using hard balls was good and trustworthy, comparable to an outdoor surface for both seam and spin bowling. We now train much more effectively in the hall with both colts and seniors and have also been able to use a bowling machine there for the first time.”

Mike Lanning of Dartfordians CC

The Cricketer Magazine also says:

“Compared with the other surfaces we batted on, the 2G Flicx Pitch provided a far more realistic experience ahead of an English summer. It wasn’t as easy as simply throwing your hands at every ball, as was the case with the rubber sports-hall flooring. From a coaching perspective, the addition of stump-lines and line/length boxes are excellent aides for youngsters, and I can see why they have proven so popular, given the ease of rolling them out in countries (and at facilities) where grass decks aren’t so feasible.”

You can also see the product in action by viewing this video:

Contact the team here at Universal Services today to enquire about these innovative products and order quality indoor cricket matting for your school, sports hall, leisure centre, or other sports venue in the UK. Visit our website for our full indoor cricket equipment range.  

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  Published on 15 November 2023 By Andreas Fantousi


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