Choosing the right basketball goals for your sports hall

Eager to provide first-class facilities to your users, but not sure where to start when it comes to selecting and installing the right basketball goals for your premises?

Finding and fitting the right basketball goals might seem like a simple task. But there’s quite a lot to think about to ensure your space remains safe, compliant, and supports both training and play in the right way.

Here’s what you need to know. 

Matchplay Goals

When it comes to creating a more professionally equipped space, you’ll find everything you need within our collection of matchplay basketball goals.

From wall mounted hinged basketball goals to retractable roof mounted and electronically operated upward folding products, there’s a solution here for any design challenge. The model you choose will very much depend on:

a) Whether you are operating a dedicated basketball facility, or a multi-purpose space

b) How much clearance you have from the roof to the court, and/or from the baseline to the wall

c) Whether there are any other design or architectural requirements that need to be considered

The most common projection for matchplay basketball goals in the UK is about 3.7m, but the team here at Universal Services can produce products configured to a range of options.  

Each of our matchplay basketball goals can be upgraded to include adjustable height rings where necessary to allow for mini play.

All our basketball goals are manufactured to the highest specifications (meet BS EN 1270) with timber backboards and heavy-duty rings included as standard.

Practice Goals

Designed for teaching and practice play, and a great option for most primary school halls, sports halls and leisure centres, our practice basketball goals are often the first place to start. 

What you will need to consider is how far the goal will need to project from the wall in order to meet your training needs. The wall mounted basketball goals in our range are available in flat fixed, fixed projection or hinged projection (fold back to the wall when not in use) formats. Projected goals do provide slightly more clearance for players who may otherwise hit the wall. The more projection, the heavier the product – so you will need to make sure your wall can handle the load at the connection between the ring and backboard. A structural engineer can assist with these calculations.

Talk to us about our adjustable height upgrades, too. Installing a basketball goal with adjustable height rings to allow for mini play to open up training for participants of all ages and abilities.

Is your space suitable for goal installations?

It’s important to make sure that your roof and walls have the structural integrity to carry our basketball goals, which can be several hundred kilograms in weight even at basic spec. In many cases, you may need to fix secondary steelwork in place. 

We can provide all loading and fixing details, and potentially install steelwork and bracketry in line with your requirements – but ultimately, we cannot be responsible for the performance and security of your product due to unsuitable walls or roofs. For professional advice and reassurance that there are no safety issues involved in your new installations, we would recommend speaking to a structural engineer.

It is much easier to install basketball goals onto exposed vertical or horizontal steelwork. We can fit goals through cladding if needs be; this will normally involve additional fixings and cost though.

If you are looking for more in-depth guidance at this stage, please note that all technical data can be downloaded directly from our product pages. Alternatively, you can contact our staff for recommendations – we will happily take care of all your design, installation and maintenance requirements.

Upgrades and other options

You can upgrade our standard goals with cast clear acrylic or tempered glass boards, backboard padding, and a range of rings to suit your training or play applications.

Replacement boards, padding, rings, balls, free fall safety devices, and boat hooks (for pulling basketball goals out from the wall) can be ordered directly via our website.

We also supply a selection of basketball scoreboards and goal shot timers, all of which are available as a FIBA approved version if required.  

Outdoor Basketball Goals

All the goals mentioned so far in this article are suitable for indoor use. We also stock a fantastic collection of outdoor basketball goals, including permanent fixtures and ‘quick adjust’ portable goals.

Our heavy duty permanent outdoor goals are available in 1.2m, 1.8m and 2.25m projections. The 2.25m versions can be supplied with a single post or double posts for extra stability. These goals will need to be professionally installed by a ground works team as they need concreting in place.

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  Published on 19 September 2023 By Andreas Fantousi


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