Do Your Outdoor Scramble Nets or Ropes Need Repairing/Replacing ?

Universal Services are now able to offer repair or replacements for wire rope bridges, scramble nets, cross over ropes, traverse nets and more, all manufactured in house at our factory in Essex.

Playground Equipment – Rope, Repair or Replace

With budgets being cut, customers are looking for alternative ways to restore their playground equipment. 

We can offer various options dependant on your needs and we will analyse the repair required for your equipment and then quote accordingly.



Option 1 

We can repair if feasible the damaged/worn area to remove or replace the damaged part or wire rope.  This is suited to heavily used areas and/or vandalism.



Option 2

For more worn or damaged nets we can replace the existing net completely, these can either be made as per a drawing provided, made as per a pattern we’re sent or one of our specialist engineers can collect the old one for us to copy and return and fit the new one. 



Option 3

We can supply a wide range of parts for you to fit yourselves (see images below or give us a call on 01621 868700 option 2 to discuss your requirements).



As you can see we can manufacture a wide range of options:



All our rope nets require a lead time in manufacturing and are delivered on a next day delivery service.

Our standard lead times are 3 - 4 weeks, however we encourage you to ask us, as depending on workloads in production we may be able to reduce this during quieter times

Prices are available on application of a drawing or a site visit by our specialist team please call 01621 868700 option 2 for further details