Why choose Universal Services (Sports Equipment) Ltd?

A Nationwide Service

EXPERIENCE - our greatest asset...

For over 25 years we have specialised in the repair and maintenance of sports, physical education and gymnasium equipment. Experience can only be gained by repeatedly doing the work.


The standards we work to are second to none. To achieve these standards we use high quality people. All our service engineers are fully trained and experienced. They know what to look for, what standards to apply and how to remedy any faults they find.


Our reputation has been earned by not only providing a quality service but also reliability.


UNIVERSAL SERVICES (Sports Equipment) LTD is one of Britain’s leading contractors offering a comprehensive nationwide maintenance service, supported by our fleet of service vehicles. Our extensive customer base includes local authorities, schools, sports centres, independent schools, Army, Navy, RAF, Police.


All establishments using physical education, sports and fitness equipment.


Safety is your responsibility. For peace of mind have your sports and PE equipment regularly checked. The Safe Practice in Physical Education Guide states that: “all large fixed and portable apparatus should be subject to a regular inspection and maintenance programme.”

  • Regular maintenance saves money.
  • Replacement equipment is expensive.
  • It pays to look after what you already have.


  • Fully comprehensive local authority contracts.
  • One off visits on time and material basis.
  • Regular planned maintenance contract for visits made over a number of years.
  • Group schemes, i.e. for customers controlling a number of centres (District Councils, Private Leisure Companies).


With all Universal Services (Sports Equipment) Ltd products, including maintenance, you are covered by our no quibble guarantee should a defect develop within 12 months which is attributed to faulty workmanship or materials.

We guarantee to rectify it at our cost. An inspection and report sheet is completed by our service engineers during a visit, with a copy left for your records. A written quotation and explanation is sent in respect of any item of equipment considered to be beyond economical repair or requires further work to bring it up to standard.

The prices below are for establishments located within a 150 mile radius of our factory in Essex, all prices beyond this area may be subject to additional travelling costs. Please contact the Service Department on 01621 868700 Option 2 or email service@universalservicesuk.co.uk.


Planned Maintenance - Scheme A


Fixed and portable equipment including: Basketball goals, trackway, netting, spotting rigs, floor plates, 5-a-side rebound screens, games posts, gymnastic apparatus, mats, mat trolleys, mini tramps


Full inspection of all equipment and components, tightening of fixings as necessary, lubrication of components as necessary, re-alignment and adjustment as required, replacement of minor components such as nuts, bolts, rubber feet and wheels to games posts. Full report on work carried out and any additional major repairs or replacements required.


Traditional gymnasia - £177.00
Sports hall - £199.98
Primary school hall (each hall) - £115.00


Planned Maintenance - Scheme B


Trampolines (all makes)


Full inspection of all components, tightening of fixings, adjustment and re-alignment of leg braces and goosenecks, adjustment of chains. Refitting of hinge pins as required. Full report on work carried out and any additional repairs or replacements required.


Single trampoline by itself - £65.00 
Each additional trampoline - £30.00
Or if single trampoline serviced in conjunction with other work - £30.00

Planned Maintenance - Scheme C


Fitness/cardio and weight stations to include treadmills, cross trainers, steppers, rowing machines, multi station, single stations


Full inspection of equipment and the components to include lubrication and adjustment of equipment. Full report on work carried out and any additional major repairs or replacements required.


Up to 9 units fitness/cardio equipment - £85.00 
10 to 15 units fitness/cardio equipment - £120.00 
16 to 24 units fitness/cardio equipment -  £155.00
25 to 40 units fitness/cardio equipment -  £195.00
41 to 70 units fitness/cardio equipment - £230.00